Get real!

said the atheist.
“it’s all self-delusion – making a god in your own image”

said the atheist.
“that’s all we are when you come down to it”

said the atheist.
“what nonsense! who ever saw god?”

said the atheist
“now that’s real – made from grain buried in the soil”

said the atheist
“can’t argue with that – fruit of the vine, grown in the earth”

said the atheist
“that’s what you need!
flesh-and-blood life
a tasty loaf
a nice cup of wine
now that’s real!”

and God said…
God said…

and God said
“I can’t do this with words!”

and so, in silence
made Himself one of us
born of a woman
formed out of

made Himself Visible
lived as a man
shared our

takes Bread and blesses it
breaks it and offers it
feeds us His

takes Wine and blesses it
gives us to drink so that
we share His

all this
for us

Bread and Wine
from Grain and Vine
Dust can’t confine
His Life

and so, in silence,
makes Himself in our image
that we might be made in

Now that’s Real!

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