Our Father

Not mine, not yours.
Not hers, not his.
None of these –
More than this.

No favourites here,
No pride of place –
All equal in this family.
All are His children,
Whate’er their race,
Their riches or their poverty –
Saint or sinner,
Happy, sad,
Sick or well,
Good or bad –
Hoping, despairing,
Dependable, faithless,
Trusting and doubting,
Believer and atheist –
None are excluded,
None turned away.
We all are embraced
And invited to stay by

But where are you, Father?
In heaven we’re told.
So –
An absentee Father?
A blessing on hold?
But heaven’s where God is and
God says
“I’m near.
Around you, within you.
Reach out – I Am here,
Behind you, before you,
Above and below
You’ll find me there, waiting,
Wherever you go.”

Let the whole world proclaim you,
Acknowledge your worth, singing
Praise to the God who brings
Heaven to earth.
No absentee Father!
We feel your embrace as,
All loving, forgiving,
You give us your grace.

Father of all,
Of all who draw breath,
From the dawning of life
To the moment of death
And beyond.

No exceptions
His and hers
Yours and mine
Our Father

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