I’m OK because…

I work, I care, I give, I please –
I never stop, nor take my ease
From morn ‘til night. I endless strive
To prove that I may stay alive.
So I’m OK because I prove
It to be so with every move
I make, with every step I take
Though muscles ache and heart should break –
For if I stop to rest, then I
Will have no option but to die…

Until the day comes that I crack
And find there’s nothing more to give.
The final straw that breaks my back
Has torn from me my right to live.
Not OK
Not OK
Not OK
Not OK
Not OK

And as the final whisper dies
Away all I can hear are lies
That say that I am Not OK,


A voice that’s strong and sweet and wise
Drowns out the softly whispered lies,
“Child, You are Mine! I gave you life
For joy and love, not endless strife!
So stop and rest awhile with Me,
And know you’re in My family.
I gave you life and I can see
With unencumbered clarity that
You’re OK

Not because of what you do,
The tasks fulfilled, the people who
Are helped and loved, the needs you meet
In all whose paths you cross, and greet
With love and with compassion – no!
You’re OK
You’re OK
You’re OK
You’re OK
You’re OK because I made you so.”

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