YourKingdom Come

Your kingdom come, Your will be done –
For this, O God, I pray.
And whilst I’m on the subject,
I think I ought to say
Quite clearly what I mean by that –
Your kingdom and Your will,
I’m sure, must coincide with all
The things I’ve planned. And still
I keep on adding to the list,
With each a worthy cause –
So help me, Lord, to do Your will,
To work without a pause
To build on earth Your Kingdom,
Just as Jesus said –
With prisoners freed
And hungry fed,
With sickness healed
And justice spread,
Your word proclaimed
And all needs met
By me, Lord,
Faithful servant, head
Of all and praised by all.
My agenda must, of course,
Coincide with Yours.
To save the world, to do it all –
That will be my cross
As it was His
But as I turn and gaze on Him
I see Him shake His head
In pain and sorrow and I hear
The words I never thought were said
For me, who strives to serve Him:
“Father, forgive, forgive –
For they know not what they do.
My words they take
And twist and warp, and from them make
A prison-cage – whilst on this tree
I bleed and die to set them free…
Father, forgive.”
Your kingdom come, Your will be done –
For this, O God, we pray.
Our Father, Father of us all,
Help us to listen to Your call,
To do Your will, Your kingdom build
The way You want – Your way, not ours
And God, begin with me.

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