Cloudy, moonless night-time
Darkness all around
Eyes strain, nothing seeing,
Ears hear not a sound.
Got to keep on watching –
Dangers here abound.

Tired lids are drooping,
Strength is almost gone
When suddenly the sky’s ablaze
And upwards turns our startled gaze
As, dazzled by a shining light
Whiter than the moon is white,
Brighter than the sun is bright,
We hear the angels’ song:

“Glory be to God on high”
We hear the angels cry.
“Peace on earth, goodwill to all”
Is what the angels call.
And then to us: “Fear not!” they say
As, paralysed, we cower
Upon the ground – “This is the day,
This is the very hour
When God has come to set you free!
A baby boy is born.
Go now to Bethlehem and see
Him, in a manger.”

Can this be?
That God can come
For you and me,
Not in a palace
With lock and key
But in a manger –
Open, free,
Accessible to all?

And so we run to find this child
And as we kneel in awe
He gazes deep into our eyes,
Takes us completely by surprise,
Reaches so deep – and then we rise
Up to our feet and joyful run
To spread the news – that Christ has come
And with Him comes the dawn.

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