Soft are the shadows that swathe my sight,
Velveteen darkness of deepest night.
Hushed is the silence that holds me tight,
Soothing, caressing my wait for the light.

Time was I feared the night had no end.
Darkness, once threatening, now comes as a friend –
Enfolding, embracing. I now comprehend
In waiting is peace on which I can depend.

On far horizon the darkness abating,
Shadowy shapes now illumine my waiting.
Whispers of birdsong a cradle creating,
Receiving the promise of new dawn now breaking.

Sudden the light bursting forth from the sky,
Shattering darkness, delighting the eye
Flooding the world, chasing shadows away –
Rays of the sun bringing glorious day.

Where there was nothing but black velveteen
Now a myriad colours of radiant sheen
Immerse my whole being, make all fresh and clean.
Gone is the dark. Now the light reigns supreme.

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