Ash Wednesday 2018

Give up the chocolate, give up the cheese!
Maybe at last I’ll lose weight now – oh please….
Give up the caffeine and give up the wine!
Maybe, just maybe I’ll now sleep fine…
Spirit-led, into the desert now go,
true motives to find, all weakness to know.
Desires of the heart well up like desert springs,
such shimmering mirages promising things
of delight – so wander, chase after those dreams,
make plans for the future, devise many schemes
for plenty, fulfilment, needs met, hunger filled –
‘til night falls…..
With sun gone, the heart is now chilled
by awareness of time gone, of dreams unfulfilled.
Dig deeper. Bore
into the core
Of the heart.
Below the froth and candy,
beneath the frills and fancy,
What is the true desire?
The bedrock built on fire?
That is heart’s true goal,
balm for the soul.

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2 Responses to Ash Wednesday 2018

  1. grahart says:

    That’s a good one! I love the enjambements where the line runs into the next… Gives the poem a real sense of urgency at the start which then slows as the sun sets, to refocus on the core meaning of Lent.

  2. Dorothy says:

    *makes mental note to look up ‘enjambement’… thanks, Graham. 🙂 I simply ‘compose’ my poems using all my musician’s awareness of beat, rhythm, pace, phrasing… but would probably fail my Year 6 Literacy SATS test because I have absolutely no idea what a ‘fronting adverbial’ is. Or, come to that, an ‘enjambement’ – but I like the sound of it and that word will be part of my vocabulary from now on. I’ll have to try to worm it into my piano lessons in order to broaden the horizons of my little ones. 🙂

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