Dappled delight of dancing day
Cheers my heart as I go on my way.
Frozen darkness of wintry clime
Gone now forever – until the next time.
Cycle of darkness and light without end –
Darkness light darkness light both are my friend.
Cycle of life, love, death, birth – full of dreams
Past, present, future run on with no seams
to distinguish the dark from the light, joy from sorrow.
No past and no future, yesterday nor tomorrow
But only and always the Now where all joy
sorrow birthing and dying our focus employ.
For the Now is the moment when all turns to gold
both what was and what will be, the new and the old.
So blessings on you and on all whom you love,
In the Now which supports you beneath and above.
Step out without fear into each dark bright day
Step boldly with sorrow joy all on life’s way.

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