God in all things?


God in all things?


Is God in all things?

A beautiful sunset, a sleeping child,
A rose in bloom, a mother’s smile…
A father’s strong hand, a lover’s caress,
A hug from a friend, my deepest distress…

Hold it right there! What’s that I just heard?
My deepest distress? When the sun is obscured
And the lightning strikes, the tsunami floods in
Sweeping all life away – or so it seems…?
When grief shreds my heart, when my body is wracked
With pain, when for lust a child is attacked?
When I’m sinking in mire, when I can’t find firm ground,
When all hope is lost, when the darkness surrounds…

Is God in all things?
Is God truly in all?
Is God?
Dare I say it?
Is God at all?

Is God in my doubting, my darkness, my fear?
Or does God hide away when the fog fails to clear?
Does God simply watch from the side-lines, wait
For the act of destruction which settles my fate?

Is God in the darkness?
Is God truly in all?
Is God?
Dare I say it?
Is God at all?

A child in a manger,
A refugee flight,
A victim of prejudice,
Sought out by night
For fear of the others –
Yet offering sight
For the blind, healing, hope
For those life leaves behind…
A man in a courtroom,
Falsely accused…
A whipping, a taunting,
Face battered and bruised
By a crown of thorns
Pressed down on his brow…
As he hangs on a tree
Is God in all things now?
If not now, then never…
At this moment of death,
Of defeat, the man says
With his last gasping breath
“Into your hands, my Father, my God, I commend
My spirit” – and still the night had no end
As darkness encompassed the earth at noon,
As the sun was obscured, earthquake rumbling on.
Grief, despair, darkness had won the day.

Until three days later the stone rolled away…

Yes, God is…
In darkness as well as in light
Yes, God is in all things,
In both day and night.
As I face the tsunami of life I proclaim
That God is in all things,
In both joy and pain.
Yes, God is…

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When all else fails…

When we are weak:
Lord, be our might.
When all is dark:
Lord, be our light.cross empty tomb adapted
When bound in chains:
Lord, bring release.
When turmoil reigns:
Lord, be our peace.
When danger’s near:
Lord, be our power.
When others jeer:
Lord, be our tower.
When all seems lost:
Lord, hold us tight.
When high the cost:
Lord, pay the price.
When pressures mount:
Lord, take the strain.
When in despair:
Lord, bear our pain.
When full of sin:
Lord, wash us clean.
When all alone:
Lord, be our friend.
When wracked with doubt:
Lord, give us faith.
When all else fails,
Lord, hold us safe

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Dancing Delight

Head in hands with eyes closed tight,
Sudden shock of dappled light
Breaks upon my shuttered sight
As sunlight dances through the leaves
Joined but lightly to the trees
Madly, gladly blown in breeze.
Clapping hands, I laugh with glee –
At one with sun, with leaf, with tree
Blown in breeze and moving free.
Bubbling joy now puts to flight
All darkness as the world shines bright,
The whole earth dancing in delight.

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Soft are the shadows that swathe my sight,
Velveteen darkness of deepest night.
Hushed is the silence that holds me tight,
Soothing, caressing my wait for the light.

Time was I feared the night had no end.
Darkness, once threatening, now comes as a friend –
Enfolding, embracing. I now comprehend
In waiting is peace on which I can depend.

On far horizon the darkness abating,
Shadowy shapes now illumine my waiting.
Whispers of birdsong a cradle creating,
Receiving the promise of new dawn now breaking.

Sudden the light bursting forth from the sky,
Shattering darkness, delighting the eye
Flooding the world, chasing shadows away –
Rays of the sun bringing glorious day.

Where there was nothing but black velveteen
Now a myriad colours of radiant sheen
Immerse my whole being, make all fresh and clean.
Gone is the dark. Now the light reigns supreme.

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The ears of my Lover
Hear my cry
Swift to respond
To my heartfelt sigh

The eyes of my Lover
Look deep inside,
Bring all to light,
Leaving nowhere to hide

The touch of my Lover
Sears my soul
Refiner’s fire
Making me whole

The arms of my Lover
Hold me near
Loving embrace
Dispelling fear

The voice of my Lover
Is gentle and kind
Whispering “peace!”
To my troubled mind

The love of my Lover
Sets me free
To live and to love,
To be wholly me
To be holy

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In this Moment

Today is a new day
A fresh palette
A clean leaf

This is a new hour
A fresh palette
A clean leaf

Here is a new minute
A fresh palette
A clean leaf

All that has passed
Deform me
Can only
Inform me
Form me
Bring me to this

All things are
In this

In this
All is made

I am
In this

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Dashing against
Each other
Caught in the
Grasp of the
Powerless to
Drag themselves
Then as the
Tide turns, the
Shells are left
Together as
Sunlight streams
Power of the
Water and
Light of the
Sun’s rays
Working together to
Change and
Breaking for
Making, for
Cleansing, for
And then for
Displaying the

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