The ears of my Lover
Hear my cry
Swift to respond
To my heartfelt sigh

The eyes of my Lover
Look deep inside,
Bring all to light,
Leaving nowhere to hide

The touch of my Lover
Sears my soul
Refiner’s fire
Making me whole

The arms of my Lover
Hold me near
Loving embrace
Dispelling fear

The voice of my Lover
Is gentle and kind
Whispering “peace!”
To my troubled mind

The love of my Lover
Sets me free
To live and to love,
To be wholly me
To be holy

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In this Moment

Today is a new day
A fresh palette
A clean leaf

This is a new hour
A fresh palette
A clean leaf

Here is a new minute
A fresh palette
A clean leaf

All that has passed
Deform me
Can only
Inform me
Form me
Bring me to this

All things are
In this

In this
All is made

I am
In this

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Dashing against
Each other
Caught in the
Grasp of the
Powerless to
Drag themselves
Then as the
Tide turns, the
Shells are left
Together as
Sunlight streams
Power of the
Water and
Light of the
Sun’s rays
Working together to
Change and
Breaking for
Making, for
Cleansing, for
And then for
Displaying the

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Cloudy, moonless night-time
Darkness all around
Eyes strain, nothing seeing,
Ears hear not a sound.
Got to keep on watching –
Dangers here abound.

Tired lids are drooping,
Strength is almost gone
When suddenly the sky’s ablaze
And upwards turns our startled gaze
As, dazzled by a shining light
Whiter than the moon is white,
Brighter than the sun is bright,
We hear the angels’ song:

“Glory be to God on high”
We hear the angels cry.
“Peace on earth, goodwill to all”
Is what the angels call.
And then to us: “Fear not!” they say
As, paralysed, we cower
Upon the ground – “This is the day,
This is the very hour
When God has come to set you free!
A baby boy is born.
Go now to Bethlehem and see
Him, in a manger.”

Can this be?
That God can come
For you and me,
Not in a palace
With lock and key
But in a manger –
Open, free,
Accessible to all?

And so we run to find this child
And as we kneel in awe
He gazes deep into our eyes,
Takes us completely by surprise,
Reaches so deep – and then we rise
Up to our feet and joyful run
To spread the news – that Christ has come
And with Him comes the dawn.

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Christmas is coming…

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…
Time to go out shopping for the tinsel tat.
Don’t forget the turkey, the pudding and the cake –
Better buy the mince pies, there’s no time left to make…
Stilton, cheddar, camembert, brie and Roquefort too –
Better get some port and whisky, red wine, white and – phew!
‘most forgot the stuffing, brandy butter, clotted cream –
And walnuts and pistachios, almonds, pecans also seem
Essential for the feast, with salmon, smoked, and sausage rolls.
But where, in all this great long list, is succour for our souls?
All this to celebrate the birth
of Him Who made the universe
yet left His throne and came to us,
was born in poverty?
How can we feast when others starve?
When prisoners still aren’t freed?
When sick still suffer, can we laugh
And dance and shout with glee?
Why, yes, we can – for so He did,
At weddings and at feasts.
And we rejoice for He has come
For all of us, not just for some,
To cleanse and heal and bring release
And calls us now to share our feast,
Our riches, with all those who still
Are captive, sick and hungry.
For still He comes to earth, is born
In humble places – hearts so torn,
And binds and heals and brings release
And calls us on to share His peace,
To feed the hungry, heal the lame,
To give, and never be the same
As all the tinsel-tangled world.
And so His standard is unfurled
And flies above the dirt and shame
And through us others hear His name
And the whole world will be aflame
With Love come down at Christmas.

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YourKingdom Come

Your kingdom come, Your will be done –
For this, O God, I pray.
And whilst I’m on the subject,
I think I ought to say
Quite clearly what I mean by that –
Your kingdom and Your will,
I’m sure, must coincide with all
The things I’ve planned. And still
I keep on adding to the list,
With each a worthy cause –
So help me, Lord, to do Your will,
To work without a pause
To build on earth Your Kingdom,
Just as Jesus said –
With prisoners freed
And hungry fed,
With sickness healed
And justice spread,
Your word proclaimed
And all needs met
By me, Lord,
Faithful servant, head
Of all and praised by all.
My agenda must, of course,
Coincide with Yours.
To save the world, to do it all –
That will be my cross
As it was His
But as I turn and gaze on Him
I see Him shake His head
In pain and sorrow and I hear
The words I never thought were said
For me, who strives to serve Him:
“Father, forgive, forgive –
For they know not what they do.
My words they take
And twist and warp, and from them make
A prison-cage – whilst on this tree
I bleed and die to set them free…
Father, forgive.”
Your kingdom come, Your will be done –
For this, O God, we pray.
Our Father, Father of us all,
Help us to listen to Your call,
To do Your will, Your kingdom build
The way You want – Your way, not ours
And God, begin with me.

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Pie in the Sky…

There’ll be pie in the sky
So they say
There’ll be peace by and by
So they say
There is hope in the future
Of heaven restored
So they say
So they say
But the past ties us down
Every day
In the grip of despair
That’s its way
What use hope in the future
Of heaven restored?
So we say
So we say
If the future were now
Then there may
Be a reason for living
Set us free from the past,
Present, future – oh God!
So we pray
So we pray
“Open ears, eyes and heart
As I say
That My future is Now!
Every day,
Every minute, each hour
My Love and my Power
Shows the way
Shows the way
And all past pain is healed
By My Love
And the future is sealed
By My Love
Forget Pie in the Sky
For it’s Now you’re alive
By My Love
By My Love

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